How to Prepare

Chest Xray

Chest x-ray is the most commonly performed diagnostic x-ray examination. Approximately half of all x-rays obtained in medical institutions are chest x-rays. A chest x-ray is usually done for the evaluation of lungs, heart and chest wall. Pneumonia, heart failure, emphysema, lung cancer and other medical conditions can be diagnosed or suspected on a chest x-ray. Traditionally, chest x-rays have been taken prior to employment, prior to surgery or during immigration.

Chest Xray Preparation These instructions are IMPORTANT. Please follow them.

  • This procedure requires no special preparation.

  • Please let us know before your exam begins if you may be pregnant.

In addition, before the examination, you will be asked to remove all jewellery and clothing above the waist and you will be given a gown or loose-fitting material that opens in the front.